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Q – Will Medicare call or visit me at my home?
A – No. Medicare will not make unexpected visits or calls at your home.

Q – Since my Medicare number is the same as my Social Security number will Medicare be issuing new cards?
A – Not at this time. Medicare will contact beneficiaries by mail of any changes, should they occur. Medicare will not call you or send you information by email.

Q – What should I do if I suspect fraud or abuse of the Medicare program?
A – Call the Missouri SMP to report it at 888-515-6565

Q – I saw on TV that Medicare will pay for a motorized scooter if I need one at no cost to me. Is this true?
A – No. There are no “free” scooters. The beneficiaries must pay their 20% of the total bill.

Q – I received a call from a durable medical equipment supplier offering me free diabetic supplies if I would give them my personal information in exchange for free products. Is it ok to give out my personal information?
A – No. Ask for their name and phone number, hang up and call the Missouri SMP to report a potential scam.

Q – How can I make a difference?

  • By becoming a Missouri SMP volunteer
  • Read your Medicare Summary Notice to make sure you have not been charged for services you did not receive, double billed for the same service, or services that were not ordered by your doctor.
  • Report concerns to the Missouri SMP at 888-515-6565
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